Everything Zen: A Memoir of Youth

From 2004

"TJ raised his arms, the rug drifted down, all its weight carried easily through the air, landing snugly across the platform where his drumkit was then set and tightened. I threaded the textured cord, from amp to my guitar when a low pop emitted from the big black box. A vintage Ampeg which filled me with an immense sense of vanity, a self assurance that I had never felt before and almost feared. What power! With the bass an extension of my own body and the Ampeg as an extension of the bass I felt in sync with the gods of generations past -- Dee Dee Ramone, Primus, Violent Femmes, even poor old Sid Vicious. Like tapping into a divine source of life. This must be what it’s like to feel God, whatever she may be."


Travel to Morocco: Two Weeks in the Kingdom by the Sea

To find yourself in Morocco is to enter into a most foreign world. Still, it is a globalized world. One of Coca-Cola and Bob Marley and the endless groping of iPhones. But don’t be fooled by these familiar scenes–the world remains a wild place, full of surprises. This rings especially true for the Kingdom of Morocco. And here we find ourselves in the salty-sea splashed village of Tangier.